Support for the Archaeological Expedition to Vani.

Research Grant to Dr Nino Kavtaria.

26th International Congress of Byzantine Studies

FaRiG was delighted to offer its sponsorship and backing to seven Georgian scholars who came to London in August for the International Congress of Byzantine Studies. This is a prestigious five-yearly gathering in which around 1,000 experts on all aspects of Byzantine civilisation come together to present papers and exchange ideas.

Here is some information about the scholars they sponsored, and the topics on which they were hoping to speak at the London conference.

Nino Kavtaria

Available as PDFs: CV & Research Synopsis

Giorgi Tcheishvili

Available as PDFs: CV & Research Synopsis

Victoria Jugeli

Irina Giviashvili

Available as a PDF: CV

Ketevan Bezarashvili

Available as PDFs: CV & Research Synopsis

Maia Matchavariani

Available as PDFs: CV